Assured Home Sales is a program designed to aid people while they purchase a new builder home. Whether you have a home to sell, rent or are in need of a quick buyer we have a solution for you. Maybe you are in a current lease and need someone to negotiate you out of the term or payoff the balance to your landlord. We take a systematic approach in designing our program around your needs. 

Our program is designed to aid you in the purchase of a new home. We have several programs available to fit your needs! 

1. Rental Program: We will find you a tenant for your current home during the 12 months after closing on your new home.

*We determine the market rent for your home
*High profile Advertisement for your home 

*Qualify the tenants with credit checks and criminal background
*Prepare the Lease on your behalf - it's that easy!

2. Lease Buy Out: Assured Home Sales will negotiate or Buy you out of your existing lease so you can buy your new home. With a copy of your current lease we will contact your management company and negotiate the terms of termination.

3. 3rd Party Credit Buy Out: If you have a credit card, car or existing debt that is hindering you from purchasing your new home, we will arrange to pay down that debt at closing. We arrange a Realtor credit at closing that pays down that existing debt.*

4. Rebate Program:

*Need new furniture
*Moving expenses
*Add to your savings
*Pay off credit card
*Go on vacation

5. Discounted Listing Commission: We can offer a big discount on selling your existing home and gain International exposure.

6. Custom Plan: We understand every family has different needs and we can customize our plan to fit yours. We can combine some of our plans to fit your needs.

7. Home Buy Out Plan: Investors will Buy your home so you can move ahead without the worry of your existing home.*

*restrictions apply


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